No chicks or douchebags to sell pot

News 30 March, 2018
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    Restrictions on advertisements for cannabis will be greater than those for alcohol. But maybe is it time to better regulate the pubs beer (of bad taste), which standardizes the consumption?

    Annabelle Blais

    Friday, march 30, 2018 10:00

    Friday, march 30, 2018 10:00

    Look at this article

    A brainstorm, somewhere in an office connected to anonymous of Old Montreal:

    We could sell the pot with pubs for young active people who are full of outdoor activities? Kind of camping, regattas, workshops, circus, or fighting sword foam on the Mont-Royal!

    – There must be girls in a bikini smiling and in shape, if you see what I mean? ar ar ar (wink)

    – It is necessary to focus on the pride of smoking a good weed of Quebec, we in fact push it to the tonne, should be proud of it. Need to speak to the proletarians! I want construction workers!

    – And a feature also. A rocker or better yet, a hockey player who has won so many Stanley cups.

    – Eureka!!! Pk Subban who smokes a big spliff !

    – With the girls in small tops in the foam at the beach club?

    – Yes, this is perfect! It was our concept.


    It seems to be in bad taste, huh? Some would say that it is completely irresponsible. Yet it is with this kind of concept that sells us beer for years.

    Imagine two seconds if it took over this old pub Tex Lecor and we changed the product to sell us the pot rather than beer :

    – “Hey Tex, it seems that the people who smoke weed, it is people who know how to have fun?”

    – “Concern yourself not for my old, this is not since yesterday that you are taking treats from us!”

    Last week, I wrote about the campaigns for the prevention of cannabis. This brought me to think about the pubs on the cannabis that one could conceive of to make the promotion of brands.

    It makes you realize at what point the alcohol is standardized.

    Think of the cards Inspires and pubs of the SAQ. Every week, I receive emails to encourage me to buy more. “For Easter, hunting for deals “, “get Out the bubbles for the day of the Woman”. “Balance-flash this Saturday, up to 20% off”, etc

    For the game, Loto-Québec multiplies the policies and strategies to encourage them to attend the casino in Montreal and buy lottery tickets. As these pubs are a bit heavy on the radio with Gregory Charles who tries to smuggler’s fun for the Casino of Montreal in his suitcase at the customs. Crazy, will!

    Yet, there’s still people who have problems with gambling and alcohol. And who die.

    Bill 157, if passed in its current form, supervises closely the promotion. For example, any advertising message that combines the use of cannabis to a “style of life” will be banned.

    So young, beautiful, happy, dancing in a festival, doing the shotgun, this will not. The trip eats decadent in a bathrobe on a background of classical music after the big four papers end-of-day not more.

    No brand of cannabis does not welcome true.

    The quebec Society of cannabis or pot grower will not have the right to offer discounts to consumers, to give gifts or create a contest. The sponsorship will be prohibited.

    There will be no scene Weed to the Jazz Festival and there will be no competition Weed light to watch the Superbowl.

    “I believe that the restrictions are necessary, otherwise it would be the Wild West, says Philippe Depault, founder of Maïtri, a quebec company of accessories of cannabis. We don’t want the industry of the pot becomes a disaster such as Four Loko and FCKD UP.”

    For consistency, please!

    In many respects, the bill to regulate the cannabis inspired restrictions on tobacco, but sometimes those on the alcohol.

    Just as M. Depault, several people in the industry are in agreement that the promotion of their product is strictly regulated. But they require a bit more consistency.

    Last week, Health Canada unveiled the plain packaging for the pot legal. The dangers of the consumption will occupy a very large place on the packaging, as explained by my colleague Boris Proulx.

    Examples of plain packaging

    Dr Shane Morris, vice-president of Business development for the producer of Aurora, has been criticized on Twitter this lack of consistency while none of these restrictions do not apply to alcohol.

    As he emphasised, the working group, which was created to advise the federal government and is made up of experts on the subject, wrote in his report of November 2016 :

    “The working Group recognizes that, given current levels of consumption and available information on mortality and morbidity, the dangers associated with the consumption of tobacco and alcohol are superior to those that are associated with the consumption of cannabis.”

    Philippe Depault wants to ensure that the industry or the government can make information campaigns on ways to consume pot, for example, vaporization, eating, etc

    “What scares me is that the government limits us too much and prevents it from converting part of the illegal market to the legal,” he says. It will have to be able to explain the benefits of buying on the legal market. But for the moment, it is not yet clear if this will be possible. “

    At this time, it seems to be a grey area here in that laws are passed and businesses are not waiting for the gb government to do about them.

    The companies are already very present on social networks; as Maïtri, that is, on Instagram. There are also associations with celebrities like Canopy Growth, and Snoop Dogg, or Up to Cannabis and the Tragically Hip or even OrganiGram, with Trailer Park Boys.

    The brand’s Tweed Canopy Growth has also sponsored a fashion show of clothing in tweed (clever!) and hemp to fashion week in Toronto at the beginning of the month of march.

    A reader pointed out to me that a blogger mode recently claimed to have been approached by three companies of the pot to promote their products.

    I don’t know yet if the industry of the cannabis will have enough room to pass his message without encouraging consumption.

    But on one side, it reassures me to know that they will not be able to ask the douchebags and chicks to sell us a pot without aftertaste.