No extradition request for the father sought after

News 30 March, 2018
  • Photo courtesy Nunatsiaq News
    Joannes Rivoire, priest oblate protected in France by the community while a warrant is active in Canada.

    Camille Garnier

    Friday, 30 march 2018 12:34

    Friday, 30 march 2018 12:34

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    Canada has never sought to extradite him from France an Oblate father under a warrant of arrest for the sexual abuse of inuit children in the 60s and 70s, has confirmed to the Newspaper the French Ministry of Justice.

    Oblate father Joannes Rivoire, who has travelled the far North of canada between 1960 and 1993, is the subject of an arrest warrant, the RCMP issued twenty years ago for sexual assault on several inuit children, as reported Monday in The Journal.

    Today the age of 87 years, he is fed and housed in a residence of the oblates of Strasbourg, where the Newspaper was visited last week for questioning, before being brutally expelled by the father superior manager of the place.

    No request

    “We have not been the recipients of a request for extradition from Canada for that person,” said this morning in the Newspaper, the spokesperson of the French Ministry of Justice, Youssef Badr.

    Since Joannes Rivoire is a French citizen, the only way that he presents himself to justice in canada would be for it to return to Canada voluntarily, or extradite him.

    Questioned on the subject, the Department of Justice of Canada is only meet that the extradition requests are confidential communications and that he could not confirm or deny the existence of a specific request.

    He does not want to come back

    According to France, the situation is clear : never, Canada has not claimed the return to the country of Joannes Rivoire.

    The old man, on his side, does not seem ready to surrender to justice in canada.

    “I feel that he does not want to go there [to Canada], that’s for sure,” confirmed to the Newspaper, Vincent Gruber, the chief of the Oblates French.

    Photo Camille Garnier

    The Oblate house where is housed Joannes Rivoire in Strasbourg in France.


    Joannes Rivoire has fled Canada in 1993, two years after one of his alleged victims, Marius Tungilik, has raised publicly the attacks which he would have incurred on his part.

    It took pretext that it had at the time, having to return to France the care of her parents.

    In 1998, when the arrest warrant, the RCMP, the aiming was issued, Rivoire flowed peaceful days in Goult, in a house of Oblates in the south of France, before being transferred to Strasbourg in 2015.

    It happened something

    Fact disturbing, the chief of the Oblates French, Vincent Gruber, has confessed to the Journal for the first time in an interview, be convinced of the guilt, at least in part, Rivoire.

    “My intimate conviction is that it happened something,” he responded when we quizzed him about the sexual assault that Rivoire would have been able to commit on girls.

    Before the inaction of the governments of canada and france, Mr Gruber believes that host Joannes Rivoire is the best way to ensure that he cannot make any new victim.