No more searching, the most beautiful Nintendo Switch Zelda is here

Techno 3 July, 2017

This is surely the most fashionable of the Nintendo Switch that we have been given the opportunity to see! The Switch Zelda Breath of the Wild struts.

In life, there are people who are gifted anyway. While I am delighted to have found all the boxes of the DLC 1 of Zelda Breath of the Wild, this is another talent that brings us here. Indeed, a group of moderator with the crazy talent called Mako Mod has just unveiled their new project, a Switch devoted to the last opus dated The Legend of Zelda and the least that can be said is that it is Damn successful.

With a wooden and clad appearance, all the details of the Switch were sifted through to the end of the joysticks. Even the dock had the right to revisit by appearing straight out of Breath of the Wild. Even though several players had fun painting their Joy Con, we go down to another level here.