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News 24 December, 2017
  • Photo Antoine Lacroix
    Alisa Clamen

    Antoine Lacroix

    Sunday, December 24, 2017 01:00

    Sunday, December 24, 2017 01:00

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    Montreal moves heaven and earth to find her missing son in Peru for three months up to go to Israel to hire a firm composed of ex-members of secret services.

    “For investigators, there is only a single highlight. There is someone who does not want you to find my boy “, drops the mother of Jesse Galganov repressing his tears.

    Back in Montreal since the end of November, Alisa Clamen is suffering in the waiting to recover his son of 22 years. But she refuses to give up.

    “I said that I would not return without having found. This is not the case. It is a horrible life, wait. There is not a day that passes without that, I might want to jump on a plane “, she argues.

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    Jesse Galganov has been missing since the month of September. The last time he was seen, he was in Peru. His mother, Alisa Clamen, has always the hope to find him, and has committed to a firm in israel.

    On 17 October, Ms. Clamen was gone to Peru to coordinate research in order to find her boy, whom she had no news for three weeks. He had told her that he was about to go on a hike.

    In Israel

    After weeks of intensive investigation, the time lost due to conflicting information, and difficulties with the american companies, Apple and Amazon, Alisa Clamen said to have requisitioned the services of Magnus International, a company founded by a former Mossad agent, and specialized in research.

    “I went two weeks at their headquarters, in Tel Aviv, in order to provide the maximum information to assist them in their research. Quickly, they have also deployed rescue workers to elite on the field, ” said Clamen.

    The israeli experts would have used drones and satellite images to gather the most information possible.

    Their efforts have allowed us to find two French people who have confirmed that they camped with Jesse Galganov September 30. This would be the last people known to have seen him.


    Alisa Clamen has returned to Montreal to take care of his daughter 21 years old, who was left alone for several weeks.

    “It was also necessary that I be present for my daughter. It also has need of me. But I don’t drop it Jesse, I never will do it. They will find it, I’m convinced of that “, ” she says, forcing a smile.

    To feel useful, she has asked that we send the photos taken by the drones.

    “Maybe this will be my eyes that will find a detail, something, so that we can know what happened,” hope is the mother of a family.

    The research carried out by Magnus International would be very expensive and exceed the million dollars. Mrs. Clamen like to thank all the people who participated in the fundraising campaigns in line, which helped to raise hundreds of thousands of dollars.

    Recovery research

    “The jewish communities and in montreal, as here, have been amazing. Even strangers have wanted to help. It has helped me to continue ! ” exclaimed Alisa Clamen, grateful.

    The journey of Jesse Galganov was to last eight months. On the 25th of December would have marked the end of his time in South America.

    “Normally, it would be on the road to the South-East Asia. It’s crazy, all that has changed since “, breath Ms. Clamen.

    The research in the field is expected to resume after the New Year. The mother of Jesse did not rule out the possibility of returning to Peru to help the teams from israel.

    “In 25 years of experience, they have told me that they only have a case that has not been resolved. My son will not be the second, ” says Ms. Clamen.

    It is possible to contribute by visiting the website or through GoFundMe at

    Anger against Facebook

    A few days ago, Facebook decided to change the profile of Jesse Galganov, as if he had died, without having obtained the permission of his family. “I thought that nothing could hurt me since he was gone. This is false. See “In memory of Jesse Galganov’ made me feel the greatest hurt on it, ” explains Alisa Clamen.

    According to it, the company has made this change after a false news was circulated, according to which the remains of his son would have been found.

    “I have not even consulted or asked to confirm the change. After 36 hours, they were handed the page as before, without explanation, without excuse “, said the mother of a family.

    Problems with T-Mobile, Amazon and Apple

    During the search for his son, the internet companies and phone Apple, Amazon and T-Mobile have put a lot of time to provide secure data contained in the electronic devices of Jesse. They have come to obey him, after that online petitions began to circulate.

    “If they had acted faster, maybe we would not be here. We will surely never, ” said Mrs. Clamen.