Noise attacks to Cuba: Canada has reminded the staff, according to a u.s. representative

News 9 January, 2018
  • Photo AFP

    QMI agency

    Tuesday, 9 January 2018 14:54

    Tuesday, 9 January 2018 14:54

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    OTTAWA – In the aftermath of the attacks acoustic perpetrated last year against the embassies of Canada and the United States to Havana, Ottawa has repatriated to the country of employees of its embassy, according to a u.s. representative.

    “Canadians have recalled some of their staff”, said Tuesday, Francisco Palmieri, assistant to the secretary of State Rex Tillerson, contradicting the official discourse of the federal government. He was on the floor in front of a senate sub-committee on foreign affairs, Washington, dc, that tries to shed light on the events.

    The response to Mr. Palmieri came after a question comparing the american response to the attacks to that of other countries. The incidents have led to the expulsion by the United States, a fortnight of cuban diplomats in October and a reduction of more than 50 % of its diplomatic presence in Cuba.

    Canada has formally acknowledged in September that his staff had been subjected to physical damage. They would have hit a dozen canadian families, according to the Associated Press, but the official figures are not known.

    The federal government claimed, however, not having withdrawn its personnel at the site, arguing that the incidents had ceased since the spring. Questioned about it Tuesday, the ministry of foreign Affairs had not responded to the requests of the QMI Agency, shortly before 14 h.

    The attacks acoustic against the embassy of the United States have been revealed in the month of August. More than twenty us representatives have suffered from the attacks of sound, whose source has still not been identified.

    After having been exposed to sounds strident to the inside of their residences in Havana, the affected people have suffered from hearing problems, dizziness, sleep disorders and memory loss.

    Without accusing the cuban government of being behind the attacks, which Washington accuses Havana of not having ensured the safety of its diplomatic mission. For its part, Canada said to collaborate with Cuba in this investigation.