Nokia 3310: First steps with the 2017 version, my impressions

Techno 18 May, 2017

I have the new Nokia 3310, I have the new Nokia 3310! Yes I’m lucky … But since I’m cool, I share my first impressions.
A few hours ago, meltyStyle confided to you that the new Nokia 3310 had been presented at colette . As he prepares to land on the market, HMD has organized an event in the Paris concept store where pre-sales will be organized. To my delight, I was able to leave with the detox smartphone in my pocket … And as you can imagine, I did not resist the urge to use it in the stride. When I pulled out of the box, I was almost moved … I got the dark blue color of the Nokia 3310, and it logically reminded me of the one I used to the colleague … Yes, a First smartphone is like a first love, it never forgets.
When I had to press the key to hang up to turn on the Nokia 3310, it frankly made me weird. Same when it emitted sounds and I searched the volume buttons on the sides, or when I wanted to validate by pressing the touch. But quickly, I found my old reflexes and I used it as if I had never left (or the month not long). Obviously, I immediately looked for the Snake … And with the big “S” inscribed in the menu, impossible to miss it . I also tested the camera and frankly, I expected worse. In short, these first minutes spent with the Nokia 3310 version 2017 were a pure kiff. In my opinion, It will be the same for Internet users who have been conquered by his presentation . Check out a few days on meltyStyle for a full test. You gonna buy it?