Nokia 3310: The detox smartphone presented at colette!

Techno 16 May, 2017

In anticipation of the launch of the new Nokia 3310, HMD organized an event at colette. MeltyStyle was there!
“Connecting people” is the slogan that we hear for years in Nokia ads. But for his new 3310, the Finnish brand has decided to see things differently … “Disconnect people technology to reconnect to reality” , the bet made by the HMD with “Proust’s madeleine” , Says the company’s DG France. And this Tuesday, May 16, he came to present her at colette in Paris. Before giving you more information, we let you discover the few photos that we had the opportunity to take place during the morning. You will see, the Nokia 3310 version 2017 that has seduced the Net surfers really has the stamp!
More compact and more design than its predecessor, the Nokia 3310 officialized MWC really has the mouth. But with it, no question of going to do research on the web or consult your likes on social networks … It is only 2G, and therefore does not benefit from connectivity. A deliberate choice on the part of the manufacturer, which aims to encourage users to use the smartphone in appropriate situations, such as during a one-on-one restaurant with their darling, or an evening with friends. But the coolest thing about this smartphone is that it allows you to play Snake … Nostalgia hello! The Nokia 3310 will be available in presale on May 22 at colette at a price of € 69.90 , before disembarking at the partner outlets on June 6th.