Nokia 8: Photo menu unveiled in pictures

Techno 4 August, 2017

A few days before its presentation, the Nokia 8 continues to make talk about him. Its photo menu just leaked, and it looks really cool to use.

The Nokia 8 will be officialized on August 16 in London. And the closer we get to this deadline, then the rumors are gaining in intensity. A few days ago, meltyStyle confided to you that the coppered version of the smartphone had leaked . The opportunity to appreciate its design from back, front and side. But today, it is the turn of its menu photo to unveil … Several shots showing the interface concerned have leaked on, giving us a fairly accurate idea of ​​how it will work. And the good news is that it does not look very complicated. We let you take a look at the pictures in question before explaining why.
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Same for the module you want to use
Relayed by Phonandroid , the pictures above reveal 3 different camera modes for the Nokia 8. It is the RGB, the dual-lens and the mono. The users will therefore be able to switch between them, depending on the clichés they want to achieve . The same applies to the desired module, ie main camera, dual sensor or front sensor. Nothing’s easier ! Nokia 8 is expected to be a gifted photographer … The double objective Carl Zeiss, a specialist with whom the Finnish giant has recently partnered , should allow him to compete with the best photophones in the world. market. At meltyStyle, we’re already looking forward to testing it.