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Entertainment, Techno 13 July, 2017

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All his fans were waiting for the new, it was imminent : Nolwenn Leroy has given birth. After the magazine Closer, he is a little boy… the name inspired from the sea.

When Arnaud Clement has left Wimbledon, ” because of an excellent new “, the rumour mill went haywire. This time, it was safe, Nolwenn Leroy was going to give birth soon, she was about to become a mom for the first time. It is now done, according to the magazine Closer : on Thursday 13 July, the singer and the tennis player have expanded their family and welcomed their first child. A small baby whose Nolwenn Leroy did not want to know the sex before birth. It is finally a small boy, whose name has already been revealed.


If some were expecting to see the singer pick a name purely breton as a homage to its origins, Nolwenn Leroy et Arnaud Clément chose to call their son Marine. What all the same to retain a link with Britain, through the symbolism of the sea.


No question for Nolwenn Leroy put his career aside in the face of motherhood : as Marion Cotillard and Beyoncé, it means ” to be an artist and mom to a full-time “. Already pregnant, she had not stopped to perform on stage. What surprises does it for his fans ? New album and new tour could be part of it, to the great delight of the aficionados of his songs.

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