Not rude, but the French, calls a server licensed for aggressiveness in Vancouver

News 25 March, 2018
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    Sunday, 25 march, 2018 21:33

    Sunday, 25 march, 2018 21:33

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    A French server, terminated by a conservator canadian aggression towards his colleagues argued that his attitude was not due to any lack of politeness, but to its French culture, according to documents of court.

    Guillaume Rey, who was working in a restaurant in Vancouver, on the pacific coast of canada, has filed a complaint before the court of human rights in British Columbia after having been dismissed.

    His employer accused him of having violated the code of good conduct and respect in the business and has asked that the complaint be dismissed.

    Mr. Rey believes his side have been thanked because of the “perception that its French culture did seem aggressive,” writes a member of the tribunal, Devyn Cousineau, in the recitals of its decision published recently on the website of the tribunal.

    While recognizing the professional qualities of Mr. Rey, his employer accused him of having repeatedly been “rude, aggressive and disrespectful” toward his colleagues.

    Mr. Rey maintains his side, according to this document, having been a victim “of discrimination against its culture”, in which we tend to be “more direct and more expressive”. It is thought to have been sacked because of his attitude to “direct, honest and professional” and their “high standards” learned in the hospitality industry French.

    In its decision, Ms. Cousineau has refused to dismiss the complaint. It will be the subject of a hearing to a later date yet to be determined.

    But she stresses that this does not prejudge the outcome of the case and noted that Mr. Rey will have to explain at this hearing, “which in its French heritage causes a conduct that people may misinterpret, to see a violation of the standards of conduct acceptable in a professional environment”.