Nothing amazes Tomas Plekanec and Ales Hemsky about Jaromir Jagr

Sport 4 October, 2017

Photo: Darryl Dyck, The canadian Press
Some 26 years after to engrave his name on the Stanley cup in the uniform of the Pittsburgh Penguins, Jaromir Jagr still has a thirst for hockey.

If it had been necessary that Milos Zeman is in the locker room of the Canadian Tuesday noon, may-he would have been disappointed by the comments of Tomas Plekanec and Ales Hemsky. Because the two attackers from the Canadian believe that their fellow countryman Jaromir Jagr is at least as famous and popular as the man who occupies the presidency of the Czech Republic.


Some 26 years after to engrave his name on the Stanley cup in the uniform of the Pittsburgh Penguins, and this, in his first season in the NHL, Jagr still has a thirst for hockey. This is the fundamental reason, according to Plekanec and Hemsky, who urged him to accept a contract for one season with the Calgary Flames.


That, and the fact, they believe that it is still able to hold its tip against many players who weren’t even born when he became a team-mate of Mario Lemieux in the fall of 1990.


“I’m not really surprised, noted Plekanec, who has repeatedly teamed with Jagr at major international competitions. It is still a very good player, one of the strongest in the league when he is in possession of the puck, and he creates space for his teammates. “


Beyond his athletic abilities, Jagr displays such passion for his sport that he happens to get up at midnight to go skating.


“It still is, said Plekanec. I’ve witnessed two or three times.


“Everything he does in life revolves around hockey. I’m not surprised that he has played for so long. The way in which he trains explains why he is still in the league, ” added the veteran center of the Canadian.


The importance that Jagr attaches to the hockey comes from the fact that he has never had a real family life, pointed out Hemsky, who described Jagr as ” a fun boy, age 45, who has not the impression of having 45 years “.


“The hockey is all that he had. He has not really practised other sports and doing other activities. He has a girlfriend, but he is not married and has no children. He has never truly experienced the other side of life with a family. It has always focused on hockey. Players retire because they have a wife and children and that they want to spend time with them. It was not his case. And he is in excellent health. He has never had a serious injury. This is another reason that explains why he pursued his career. “


The admiration for Hemsky to the place of Jagr is felt in the tone of his voice when he speaks and the words he employs. And it comes in part, also, of the attitude that the indestructible Czech has displayed towards Hemsky over the years.


“When I was young and I was playing with the national team with him, he helped me. It has always been nice to my place. He is the greatest athlete in the history of the Czech Republic, regardless of the sport. He is more famous than the president ! launched Hemsky a few minutes after a similar comment on the part of Plekanec.


“How long will he still be playing ? It will all depend on if he wants to change his pace of life, adds Hemsky. With him, you never know. He could come back here [to the NHL] for another season, or go to Czech Republic and play for three seasons. Or in Thailand ! “