Nova Scotia: 192 km/h in a school zone

News 22 March, 2018
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    QMI agency

    Thursday, 22 march 2018 15:57

    Thursday, 22 march 2018 15:57

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    A driver of a 20-year-old has been arrested and charged after driving at nearly 200 km/h in a school zone, Nova Scotia, Wednesday.

    Marshall Ellis, a native of Elderbank, Nova Scotia, is facing justice for various criminal charges, including dangerous driving and flight.

    At the wheel of his Camaro white, the young man was first caught by a policeman as he was travelling at 200 km/h on highway 102, north of Halifax, reported CTV.

    An RCMP officer would have then attempted to intercept the hit, but without success. The latter would be able to escape and outrun the police.

    Shortly after, another agent would have spotted the Camaro, which was travelling at 192 km/h in a school zone located on the path, Rocky Lane, near a secondary school.

    The security forces have erected a dam, but the suspect would have managed to work around it.

    According to CTV, the young hit and was eventually stopped some fifteen minutes later, while he was stopped in a service station to put gas in the vehicle.

    In addition to the criminal charges against him, Marshall Ellis has also received a number of reports of offences.