Novara vs Frosinone live streaming free

Sport 7 October, 2017

Novara vs Frosinone live streaming free
Forecast for Novar’s match – Frosinone

The final match of the game day on October 8 in the 8th round of the Series In Italy, there will be a meeting at the stadium “Silvio Piola” between Novara and Frosinone. The beginning of the fight is scheduled for 21:30 Moscow time.

Novara vs Frosinone preview
A series of mistakes at the final distance of the previous campaign in Serie B, did not allow Novar’s football club to break through into the zone for raising the playoffs. The leadership of the “blue” seems to have been dissatisfied with such results by changing the position of coach Boscal to Eugenio Corini, whose last job was Torino in the 2008/09 season. The team under the leadership of the new coach has not progressed so far. For the last five rounds, the “blue” earned 7 points, where there was a victory over Ascoli 1: 2, Cittadella 1: 0, defeat from Spice 1: 0 and Avellino 1: 2, as well as a draw with Foggia 2: 2.

Novara vs Frosinone prediction
After reaching a higher level, Frosinone last season had every chance for the second time in its history to break into Serie A, but the 3rd place occupied did not become decisive in the struggle for promotion in the class. This season the Chocharts started very confidently and even though there were some misfires, Frosinone remains leader of the championship on the eve of the 8th round with 14 points in the asset.

Full-time meetings between these teams were more successful for Novara. The last meeting, dated April 17 this year, ended in favor of Novara 2: 3. Novara, who replaced the head coach, miscalculated, and so far in the wrong direction in the championship. The bet on the duel: ф2 -0