Nurse guilty of having been intoxicated at the Hospital of Verdun

News 11 July, 2017
  • Photo Pierre-Paul Poulin
    The nurse Andrée-Anne Gaudreault will likely be cancelled, guilty of having been intoxicated.

    Héloïse Archambault

    Tuesday, 11 July 2017 06:30

    Tuesday, 11 July 2017 06:30

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    A nurse should be cancelled for a second time after it worked to be intoxicated at the Hospital of Verdun, in 2013, and stole more than $ 900 to three colleagues at a home for seniors in 2011.

    A nurse since 2006, Andrée-Anne Gaudreault has been found guilty of two counts of the offence in January last, in particular, to have worked under the influence of substances which adversely impact the quality of care.

    Written off a year ?

    Yesterday, the syndic of the Ordre des infirmières and infirmiers du Québec (OIIQ) has requested that it be deleted a year for this gesture of committed to the Hospital of Verdun.

    “This is a very serious infraction,” argued Alain Galarneau, a lawyer for the trustee.

    The events occurred in the late morning on march 15, 2013, to the unit of general medicine. The head nurse was called urgently and found Mrs. Gaudreault, “leaning on a patient in a wheelchair,” says the judgment.

    According to the document, Ms. Gaudreault was trying to get an understanding of the patient, repeating the same words. Despite the fact that she has been apprehended, the nurse didn’t respond.

    The judgment indicates that Ms. Gaudreault was ” the bloated face, repeated so jerky in the same sentence and her eyes glassy as a person under the influence of a substance “.

    Not normal

    According to the head nurse, she is ” not in a normal state, as if it was frozen, to the point that it became imperative for the quality of care to patients to relieve on-the-field of its functions “.

    Met by the employer, Ms. Gaudreault has denied that he consumed at work. It has, however, undertaken a detox for a week and stopped working for four months.

    On his return, in July 2013, it was declared positive to a drug test and resigned. To note that Ms. Gaudreault had pleaded not guilty to the head of violation of the Order. To explain his / her conduct, she said live personal moments that are difficult.

    To note that Ms. Gaudreault had already been canceled a year by the OIIQ in October 2013 because she had been found guilty of criminal possession of heroin in 2007.

    Flight colleagues

    Moreover, the nurse had pleaded guilty to stealing nearly $ 900 to three co-workers at the accommodation Centre Champlain, LaSalle, in 2011. An employee has been stealing 860 $, and the other two $ 20 – $ 60, according to the trustee. For this head, the parties have recommended a write-off of four months.

    “It has seriously lacked integrity, said to Me, Galarneau. How the customer will she react when she will know that she has already been found guilty of criminal ? It is already appropriate sums of money belonging to colleagues ? “

    Yesterday, Ms. Gaudreault testified that she did not eat more drugs and was undergoing treatment to methadone for opioid substitution. His lawyer has argued that the event of march 15, 2013 was ” isolated “, but has not made a recommendation to the Council for the cancellation. The folder is deliberate.