O. J. Simpson will be released on Monday

Sport 29 September, 2017

Photo: Sholeh L Moll-Masumi Agence France-Presse
In June, Simpson appeared before a court, parole, detention center of Lovelock in Nevada.

There was the O. J. star of american football, the O. J. fugitive in a Ford Bronco, O. J. was acquitted of double murder, O. J. bank robber humiliated in prison : O. J. Simpson found himself in the spotlight for a new major role, a free man.


Today 70-year-old, the former champion could, theoretically, ask as early as Sunday, the early exit of his prison, Lovelock, in the State of Nevada, after having spent nine years behind bars for an armed attack.


But, for practical reasons, the release should take place only from Monday, according to media reports and his lawyer.


“It is now very, very impatient “, said Malcolm LaVergne, the advocate of the prisoner, to the antenna of the channel KTNV-TV in Las Vegas. “He is filled with optimism. “


One of the inmates the most famous of the United States, O. J. Simpson had 22 years ago was found not guilty of the murder in 1994 of his ex-wife and a friend to Los Angeles.


A star


This ” trial of the century “, surmédiatisé and highly charged racially, had captivated the country, and the verdict exonerating Simpson continues to provoke controversy nearly a quarter of a century after.


“The Juice “, as he is affectionately known, had, paradoxically, been sentenced in any civil, for these facts a few months later.


This has not meant the end of trouble of the old black athlete, also a movie actor, and sports commentator.




O. J. Simpson has continued to pay the legal tale with its financial problems, and being suspected of various misdemeanours.


Then, on September 13, 2007, it broke with five men-of-hand in a hotel-casino in Las Vegas to ” recover “, under the threat of arms, of sports memorabilia from dealers.


It was initially intended to serve up to 33 years in prison for these acts of kidnapping, burglary and armed robbery, but was given a remission of sentence for a portion of its convictions.


Last July, he has been able to shorten its award, in convincing the commission of the freedoms contingent of Nevada of his good faculties reintegration.