Obama: Angela Merkel was “an extraordinary partner”

News 18 November, 2016

648x415_topshot-us-president-barack-obama-is-greeted-by-german-chancellor-angela-merkel-upon-arrival-at-thePOLITICS “If I were German and if I voted, I could support,” commented US President in the German press during a farewell visit to Berlin …

US President Barack Obama said on Thursday, during a farewell visit to Berlin that Chancellor Angela Merkel had been “a great partner,” adding that if he had been German and candidate in 2017, he would probably voted for it.
“I try to stick to the rule of not meddle in the politics of others, all I can say is that Chancellor Merkel has been an extraordinary partner,” he said when asked about his support for any new application of the German ruling in power for 11 years.
“If I were German and if I voted, I could support it”
“It’s his decision to run again or not (…) if I was here, if I was German and if I voted, I could support it,” said Barack Obama.
Merkel, meanwhile, again refused to say whether she would run for a fourth term as Chancellor on the occasion of the parliamentary September. But observers and relatives expect it formalizes its entry into the race on Sunday or Monday during a meeting with executives of her party, the Christian Democratic Union (CDU).
Since the election of Donald Trump, many observers and media stressed that the German ruling would become the new standard bearer of democratic values ​​in the world. In recent days, Obama has stepped in his praise.
“Ready to fight for its values”
In an interview with the online edition of Der Spiegel and ARD public television, he praised its “credibility” and assured that it was “ready to fight for its values.”
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For its part, Merkel has shown unusually clear last week after the victory of US billionaire: it reminded him of the importance of respect for democratic values ​​and tolerance.
The president-elect had he harshly criticized the chancellor for his campaign and had distinguished by very controversial statements on women, Islam or torture.