Objects connected: Amazon offers a week of promotions with cameras, watches …

Techno 30 May, 2017

It’s time to make good business! Amazon offers you one week to fill up on promotions on connected objects.
Are you looking to equip your home with connected objects or make your life easier? Amazon has the power to make you happy! The leader in online sales offers a full week of promotions on high-tech products with the promise of very big discounts . Some can reach 45%: enough to make big savings and spend a summer without spending too much. You can find a lot of objects like a watch connected to less than 100 euros , a surveillance camera or an activity tracker to monitor your heart rate during sports or rest periods. In short, there is something for everyone!
For the surveillance camera you will have to go here . If you are a sportsman and want to enjoy the summer to do a little dry, this sports tracker should help you. Amazon also offers a bass to hang on the wrist to feel the vibrations of your pieces from the feet to the head: a fun concept if you want to stall the last Booba (which has teased the collection 2017/2018 Ünkut) . Obviously, you’ll have to hunt a little bit to find the best deals this week. But with the wide choice that Amazon offers, we know that you will succeed in making yourself happy and find the rare pearl ! Enough to start entering the world of tomorrow. Ready to take advantage of promotions?