Of-all-trades targeted by fraudsters

News 15 December, 2017
  • Photo special Collaboration, Simon-Pier Ouellet
    Jean Séguin, a man, holding the fake bank draft he had received for cleaning services. Everything looked very real.

    Simon-Pier Ouellet

    Thursday, December 14, 2017 23:03

    Thursday, December 14, 2017 23:03

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    GATINEAU | A man of the Outaouais region was almost fall into the trap of fraudsters is very well organized. He calls his peers to be cautious.

    Jean Séguin almost got caught in the trap last week, as people whose intentions are evil mount systems fraud more and more advanced.

    The man in Gatineau has been contacted after placing an ad on the site Kijiji to offer his services as a handyman.

    An individual named Daniel said the move to Gatineau in mid-December and was in need of a worker to perform the cleaning of the apartment, that he accepted Mr. Séguin.

    Outside of the country

    Daniel took pretext that it had to come from outside of Canada. He immediately sent a bank draft of 2480 $ that came in the mail four days later.

    Mr. Séguin and Daniel have agreed that the bank draft would be deposited in the account of Mr. Seguin, who could keep part of the money for the work required.

    He would then transfer the 2100 $ surplus into a bank account belonging supposedly to the moving company that had commissioned the alleged new arrivals.

    “When it is too good to be true, not touch it ! At the beginning, I thought that it was logical, but when I asked for the address of the apartment to clean up, gave me the street, but never the apartment number, ” says Jean Séguin.

    False bank draft

    Mr. Séguin has decided not to deposit the money at the atm, but instead of asking an employee of her bank. He confirmed that the bank draft was fraudulent.

    “If I had the money deposited in an atm, I would have been able to remove it immediately. But in reality, this is not real money. I would have had to pay back one day or the other, ” said the pensioner.

    Jean Séguin has not lost a penny in this adventure, which, however, is not the case for all.

    The Canadian anti-fraud Centre is well aware of this stratagem aimed, in particular, of men to do everything.

    The body, however, was not able to disclose the number of cases reported this year.

    “You should never make transfers of funds to a buyer and be wary of fraudsters willing to offer more than the asking price,” said the spokesman of the anti-fraud Centre, Lisanne Roy-Beauchamp.

    Jean Séguin has admitted that see a amount of money high deposited quickly into his / her account can be appealing.

    “If I hadn’t questioned at the outset, it is sure that I would have taken it. “

    – In collaboration with TVA Gatineau-Ottawa

    To contact the Canadian anti-fraud Centre : 1 888-495-8501