Of Fat gets a 2nd national title at the canadian Championships of athletics

Sport 9 July, 2017

Photo: Fred Chartrand, The canadian Press
The athlete Andre De Grasse is 22 years of age.

Ottawa — Andre De Grasse won a second title at the canadian Championships of athletics.


The athlete, 22-year-old native of Markham, Ontario, has crossed the 200 m 19,96 seconds. He had won the 100m on Friday evening.


The Toronto Brendon Rodney has finished second in 20,02, which means that it would have had to qualify for the world Championships in London next month. However, since the wind is 2.7 meters per second, his time has not been taken into account. Any wind greater than 2.0 m per second is considered illegal.


Toronto’s Crystal Emmanuel has signed an impressive time of 22,55 seconds on 200 m. This time would have allowed him to lower the canadian record of 22,62 directed by Marita Payne-Wiggins — the mother of the basketball star Andrew Wiggins in 1983. But the wind increased to 2.8 m per second.


On the other hand, the bronze medalist at the World championships, Ben Thorne of Kitimat, b.c., has triumphed in the 20 km walk in one hour, 22 minutes and 11.1 seconds. Evan Dunfee of Richmond, b.c., who finished at the foot of the podium at the olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro last summer, took second place in 1:23:38,73.