Of magic and divination is not the case: a psychic told why it’s not working

Techno 13 March, 2018

2018-03-13 12:18

Of magic and divination is not the case: a psychic told why it’s not working
The winner of the third season of “Battle of psychics” Mehdi Ebrahimi Vafa honestly told how to distinguish the psychic from the charlatan, why is there no magic in what you can in this case to help the psychic.

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Every day I call and write to dozens of people from different parts of the world. All of them have problems, all they are asking for help and have high hopes on me. Many people ask for help remotely ready to move large amounts and do not require any guarantees. When people are desperate, they are ready for everything. And many psychics use this, reports Rus.Media.

Why is it you?

First of all you should clearly understand why you need a psychic. This is important because, as a rule, the session is decent money.

Remember, we do not possess any magic. If it exists, the psychics it is not exactly possess. And those who argue otherwise are likely charlatans. Maybe to someone this will sound trite and ridiculous, but believe me, every week I encounter at least five requests for “use magic”. People think that we are the representatives of the “world of Harry Potter”. Again, a lot of charlatans making a lot of money on a simple human desire to believe in miracles.

To help yourself we can only do

Don’t expect the psychic to solve your problems for you. This will not happen. Usually, I receive people who are confused. They expect that I would show them the right path. Strangely, people are willing to pay huge money only for the fact that someone pointed out how they live. Better yet, how to live RIGHT! That is coming to me, they are blaming their problems on me and expect me to solve them. Just as in childhood, when parents solved our problems for us. Unfortunately, it will not. Finding contact with you, I can feel where you made a mistake that affects your life. I can feel people who are a bad influence on you or, conversely, have a very good effect. A psychic may indicate health problems that you still might not know, and the cause of these problems. But to heal you psychic can’t. Some people call themselves healers and assure that treat, but I suggest very careful to treat this. If you came to the healer and he “found” you some kind of disease, do not trust the treatment he. So you can follow his advice, but the next day, visit a doctor and get tested!

To be something more

His work, his vocation I take very seriously. One mistake could cost me my reputation, which I earned over decades. I think that psychic should combine many functions. First and foremost, he is a psychologist. Often I come just to consult, to find the problem. Here and helps my gift. That is thanks to his ability I can do better “scan” of a person, if you want “deeper” to get inside his head to understand him. And then manages to push it to the solution of the problem. Again, to solve their problems, we can only themselves. Psychic only guides.

Look for these

I always say that going to a psychic need at the very least, when you have tried all ways and none helped. When you don’t really know what to do. Do not visit psychics for fun. Let this be a sober and deliberate step, which is not driven by panic or shock. When you have decided that Yes, you really need to go to a psychic, begin to look for him. Don’t go to the reception to the first. Inquire, learn about the most famous and honoured, in no case do not trust bright ads. And please don’t expect miracles!