Off the coast of Japan found dead three citizens of the DPRK

News 6 December, 2017

Off the coast of Japan in Yamagata Prefecture were found dead three citizens of the DPRK. On the clothes of one of the victims found the badge of Kim Il sung the founder of North Korea. Information about it spreads television channel HNK.


All of the dead found in life jackets. Two days before off the coast of Japan found the wreckage of a wooden boat. The police assume that the dead sailed on this ship. In Japan periodically find broken boats from North Korea. Due to the economic blockade, the citizens of North Korea are forced to go to sea on a simple wooden vessels, is not able to overcome the storm. Off the coast of Japan there are places where it is convenient to catch squid and crabs. Many citizens of the DPRK, informally engaged in fishing in the sea, in order to obtain food.

Often find fragments of wooden boats began in 2013. Since then has recorded 20 of such cases. Simple the court can not withstand the struggle with the elements and drowned, and along with the ships, and people die, often refugees from the DPRK.