Off the coast of West Africa disappeared a tanker with 22 sailors on Board : In the World : Vladim

News 3 February, 2018

In the area of West Africa disappeared a tanker with 22 Indian sailors on Board. The last time the ship was seen off the coast of Benin. Information about the incident spread by the Western media.


Ship registered in Panama. The tanker landed on the shores of Benin, the sailors left the ship. No, have not heard anything. The employees did not get in touch 48 hours ago. According to militiamen, the ship could steal the pirates, hankering for a great profit. The tanker was transporting 13.5 thousand tons of “black gold” in the amount of 8.1 million dollars. For modern pirates, such a production is a tasty morsel. Despite the fact that in the XXI century, still roam the sea frigates of the sea villains.

India sent an official request to the governments of Benin and Nigeria, officials have promoted the search of the ship and the people. At the moment the whereabouts of the sailors, sailed to the coast of West Africa on the tanker. Now actively looking for missing.