Officials and police officers in the greenhouses

News 26 January, 2018
  • Mario Dumont

    Friday, 26 January, 2018 05:00

    Friday, 26 January, 2018 05:00

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    Earlier in the week, I wrote about the large number of personalities associated with the liberal Party, which now participate in the hatching of the leading producers of cannabis. This record would be incomplete without a look at the impressive number of former senior federal officials and high-ranking officers of the police who are doing the same thing.

    As for the old political players, what they are doing seems to be legal. But how not surprising to see many people from the same spheres begin all of a sudden in a production as sharp ? I allow myself to raise the issue.

    Health Canada

    Among the senior officials retired or transferred out of the federal system, it would have to be blind not to note the strong presence of former Health Canada… the agency granting the production licence. Good knowledge of the operation of the organization or… network of useful contacts ? One thing is for certain, they are many to believe today the virtues of marijuana.

    Dr. Joshua Tepper is the director of Mettrum, an ontario producer of cannabis. He has been a medical advisor to high-level, Health Canada. Tom Shipley who is the director of quality control in Tweed is a former researcher at Health Canada. Max Cyr deals with the customer service at Hydropothecary. He was supervisor in the case of cannabis to Health Canada.

    Other former senior officials of Health Canada, who participated in the implementation of the supervision of the cannabis, are now acting as consultants is very active in this sector in great excitement. This is the case of Brian Wagner and Ivan Vrana.

    The police !

    To give credibility to the security aspect of the production enterprises, the former police officers have the odds.

    The ex-boss of the RCMP, Norman Inkster is a director at Mettrum. Jake Ryan, a former investigator with senior RCMP, is director of investigations at Tilray, producer of cannabis in British Columbia. Tim Humberstone has coordinated teams struggle with drugs to the RCMP. He is now the director of ABCann, a producer whose share value has tripled in a few months.

    Kash Heed was a police chief of West Vancouver before going into politics with the liberals of British Columbia. He now acts as a consultant for National Green Biomed. Barry, Daniel was the chief of Abbotsford police. He is now chief of security of the producer Wildflower.

    Kim Derry, it is one of the promoters of THC Meds Ontario. He was the assistant to the chief of police of Toronto. In fact, he was the assistant to the chief of police, Bill Blair, became a liberal mp, Justin Trudeau has the mandate to pilot the project of legalization. As the world is small !

    Some will say that the presence of these chiefs of police shows the seriousness of the industry. The producers of cannabis legal to take safety really seriously. Still curious that while so many ex-police officers pocketing, police chiefs now manifested in both anxiety.

    There are really a lot of money in the game.