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Prince Charles and Camilla Parker Bowles, met for the first time in 1971. It was thanks to a common knowledge of the university. During an evening, the two lovers have fell in love with 36 years ago.

The couple of prince Charles and Camilla Parker Bowles is still flowing of the ink. Their history is made of passion and tragedy. When she refuses him twice his hand, Camilla Parker Bowles is at the origin of the divorce between prince Charles and Lady Diana. The love which unites two lovers is born 36 years ago at a party.

It is a bawd and a former contender of the prince, Lucia Santa Cruz, the two young aristocrats british meet in 1971. Their common friend is the daughter of the former ambassador of Chile to London. The young woman hopes to provide a passionate romance, the prince Charles, who was studying at the university of Cambridge a few years ago. She insisted that he met the girl “perfect” for him. And this girl, it was Camilla Parker Bowles.

During the evening, the two future lovers discuss and discover a common passion for polo and great walks in the open air. Camilla Parker Bowles, feeling comfortable, would have tried a joke rather daring. Addressing prince Charles, she touched upon the past of their ancestors:”My great-grandmother was the mistress of your great-great-father. I feel that we have something in common“. After this episode, they courted immediately. They met often at a polo match where prince Charles was part of one of the teams. They parted, however, when the heir of the crown had to leave for the Royal Navy. On his return, eight months after, Camilla Parker Bowles is committed to the arm of the officer, Andrew Parker Bowles.

After years of passion in the shade of a wedding tragic, the couple re-united to said yes in 2005. Today, if prince Charles had still not brought its enthusiasm towards femmede side, their relationship seems to still be as immature as shown by their laughter during an official visit to Canada.

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