On the magistrate made an armed attack in the southern Urals

News 20 December, 2017

The female judge was attacked right outside her house and beaten to death and wounding with a knife in the end – left to die.


In Yemanzhelinsk magistrate ambushed right next to the place of residence and brutally beaten. Then, apparently wanting a woman dead, left for dead near the entrance. The woman received several severe blows on the head with a heavy object, and after beating her, thrust a blade between his shoulder blades. The attacker the attacker fled and remained unknown. The ambulance were called by neighbors hearing the scream of a dying woman. The victim was quickly taken to hospital. The judge survived but received serious injuries: the woman punched the head and penetrated the lung.

The fact of the robbery attempt almost caused the death opened a criminal case. In the region began investigative work. While the person who committed the crime remains unknown.