On the radio or TV, journalists can no longer use these names of players

Sport 24 January, 2017

In order to guarantee the respect of several nations, it is preferable not to venture into the pronunciation of the blazes of these footsteps without having prepared themselves in advance. Tutorial.
They are filled with reproductive letters infancy, form an almost unpronounceable together for the vocal cords poorly trained and are haunted columnists / commentators of the “beautiful game” . What are we talking about? Patronymics that bug our brain. Remember the Blaszczykowski and other Jędrzejczyk during the last Euro : a nightmare in spoken and written. Our Polish friends, by contrast, swing the name of their stars in a quarter of a second. So that you can do like them, you have prepared a course of pronunciation. Beware of the postilions, and do not forget the accent of the country especially!