One Canadian among the most profitable players in 2016

News 29 December, 2016

It is the American actress Scarlett Johansson who arrives at the top of the classification Forbes 2016 of the most profitable film stars with 1.2 billion US dollars of receipts for the films having counted on its participation.

The 32 year old actress has starred in the latest installment of the saga of Marvel, Captain America: Civil War , got to the top of the box office in 2016 with $ 1.15 billion in revenue worldwide. The busty bassist surpasses just two other stars of the film, Chris Evans and Robert Downey Jr., thanks in part to his caustic and sparkly humorous role in the film Ave, César by the Cohen brothers, who reported 63, $ 2 million.

Another character from the Marvel Deadpool played by Ryan Reynolds Canadian actor allowed him to rank 8th.

But 2016 is especially good for Scarlett Johansson, ranked third in the Forbes ranking of the best paid actresses in August, with annual revenues estimated at some $ 25 million. This is Jennifer Lauwrence happening at the top of the rankings, but his films in 2016, including X-Men: Apocalypse and Passengers , were not good enough market to catapult the rooms as to the peaks of the ranking of the players Profitable.

With her roles in the new episode of the saga Star Wars , or the fantasy film A few minutes after midnight, the British Felicity Jones appeared in the Top 10 for the first time, in ninth place, with $ 805 million in revenue For his films in 2016.

The Forbes ranking, released Tuesday night, does not take into account the recipes of animated films like the Disney Jungle Book, the fourth biggest worldwide success of 2016 with 967 million dollars … and the voice of Scarlett Johansson .

The 10 most profitable

Scarlett Johansson – 1.2 billion

Chris Evans – 1.15 billion

Robert Downey Jr. – 1.15 billion

Margot Robbie – $ 1.1 billion

Amy Adams – $ 1.04 Billion

Ben Affleck – 1.02 billion

Henry Cavill – 870 million

Ryan Reynolds – 820 million

Felicity Jones – 805 million

Will Smith – $ 775 million (in dollars)