One in ten want to leave Facebook

News 26 March, 2018
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    Monday, march 26, 2018 13:51

    Monday, march 26, 2018 13:54

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    One in ten subscribers to Facebook wishes to leave this social network digital, at least temporarily, in the wake of the scandals related to the access to personal information, according to a poll by Angus Reid revealed Monday.

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    Approximately 73 % of canadian members of Facebook have mentioned that they will change their way of interacting with this platform, while 27 % would keep their old habits.

    Already flayed by the fake news articles and practices of ad placement, Facebook has seen its image being further blackened by the affairs related to the protection of personal data of its users. In march, 41 % of Canadians surveyed had a favorable opinion of Facebook and 33 % an unfavorable opinion, while these rates were 45% and 28 % respectively in February.

    Facebook enjoys a positive perception less than that of Google (57 %), Microsoft (57 %), Apple (45 %) and Amazon (58 %), note Angus Reid.

    Despite everything, this platform remains the most popular with Canadians, as 69 % use it several times per week and 57 % are accessing it daily.