One of the places most haunted in Quebec will be closed

News 21 October, 2017
  • Photo Yanick Fish
    The owner of the former asylum of Sainte-Clotilde-de-Horton, Roger Thivierge said he was discouraged to have to barricade the place.

    Yanick Fish

    Friday, 20 October 2017 20:26

    Friday, 20 October 2017 20:26

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    SAINTE-CLOTHILDE-DE-HORTON| The owner of a former asylum considered to be haunted has ten days to barricade the building and close his / her field in order to ensure that no one enters.

    Considered by the hunters phantom as one of the most haunted buildings in Quebec, the former asylum of Sainte-Clothilde-de-Horton, near Victoriaville attracts hundreds of onlookers each year.

    The building has been abandoned since January, 1988 when a fire broke out in the centre for people with mental illness. Eight people died in the fire and the place is considered haunted since that time the organization APPA paranormal is said to have captured the voice alarming in this place.


    Roger Thivierge is the owner of the place since 2009 and was made to pay the visitors who wish to venture into it.

    But judge Claude Samson has just been ordered to barricade the building, built in 1939 for security reasons.

    The judgment has had the effect of a slap in the face for Roger Thivierge. The latter claims to have invested a lot to make the area safe and was about to receive a large-scale event in the framework of the Halloween.

    “We got to play a round and it does not find it funny. It was expected that the judge recommends that we make work, not that he asks us to condemn the building. It’s going to make case law. It gives the impression that anyone can do close anything if it is afraid of something,” says Dr. Thivierge.

    When he purchased the property in July 2009, Mr. Thivierge had the intention of transforming it into a residence for the elderly.

    Without investors, the project has not seen the light of day. The businessman then decided to exploit the tourism potential of the building.

    In 2014, the asylum had been the site of a large outdoor event. On 3 and 4 November, more than 1000 people were expected at the interior of the building burned down. We should provide a spectacle and large-scale considered to be the ” biggest Halloween event in Quebec.”

    The presentation was to put in scene 35 actors.

    “I am a military retire and the pension is not so big. These activities provided a small income, made it possible to maintain the grounds, ” he continues. The event of November we would be allowed to purchase surveillance cameras.

    Continue the fight

    Roger Thivierge intends to comply with the orders of the Court and condemn the property. However, it has not said its last word. He will meet with his lawyer in the course of the next few days in order to evaluate the possibility of going to appeal. It also requested the population to mobilise on the social networks in order to save the haunted house.

    Mr. Thivierge is open to selling the building.

    The city wants to demolish the building

    Now that she has obtained the condemnation of the old asylum haunted, the municipality of Sainte-Clotilde-de-Horton intends to request the demolition of the existing building considered hazardous.

    Report of the Department of fire safety in hand, the director general of the resort, Matthew Levasseur, advance that the building uninhabited for nearly 30 years does not comply with the construction standards and represents a danger to those who aventurerait.

    “The foundation is cracked and there is water ponding frequent in the sub-soil, which might weaken the structure. In addition, there was no electricity, brightness is insufficient and there is no fire extinguisher, in short, the winning conditions are met for there to be injured “, he suggests.

    The municipality has filed an application to seek the demolition of the building and is expected to be heard this winter or spring. By then, she said she was open to any serious project that would allow the restoration of the building.

    “We are not here to harm a sponsor. We want to simply be compliant. If someone files a serious project with sources of funding, it is sure that we will hear, ” added Mr. Levasseur.

    The property is considered in an agricultural area and does not allow a tourist to the time.