One week with the BeatsX, headphones that can shade the AirPods!

Techno 17 February, 2017

For now a week, I test the BeatsX headphones. The last “jewel” of Beats, the subsidiary of Apple, throws. Autonomous, practical and equipped with the W1 chip, it can hurt AirPods.
Since a few days, I listen to a lot of French rap through the BeatsX. These Bluetooth In-Ear Headphones represent the latest addition to the Beats range. And they throw it, as I could see when I first took charge of these headphones . Sound level, listening is cool, even when pushing the headphones in their last entrenchments . The BeatsX can even boast of a good noise reduction. The low and sharp frequencies are (very) well reproduced and especially, the Beats intra-auriculars have not been victims of the slightest cut. But that’s not all…
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Equipped with the Apple W1 chip found on AirPods, PowerBeats3 Wireless and Solo3 Wireless, the BeatsX look oklm to the smartphone , especially if it is an iPhone, an Apple Watch Or an iPad (in short, everything that is headed). Connected by a Flex-Form cable that can be shaped as you please, the BeatsX earphones offer a true feeling of comfort. And when they are removed from our ears, they automatically hang down the neck. The two headphones can squarely stick to form a kind of chain thanks to the magnets that equip them. It is really very convenient. Very light, the BeatsX are easily forgotten and can accompany you oklm during your day .
Ah, I almost forgot the essential. Level autonomy, the BeatsX offer – on paper – 8 hours of tranquility . And I can assure you that this is the case, provided you do not put the volume fully. If you prefer big decibels, the BeatsX can provide 6 hours. But what is great is the ability to recharge them 100% in only 45%. Yes, fast charging changes a lot in life! Overall, the BeatsX are doing very well . These earphones that are the cheapest of the Apple “family” W1 can (easily) compete with the AirPods that I could test with an iPhone 7 . Available at 149,