OnePlus 3T: Gold Colors Now Available

Techno 16 January, 2017

Only available in gray until now, the OnePlus 3T has just landed in a gold version. A color that should be difficult to obtain.
Finally, you can choose your OnePlus 3T in a color other than “gun metal” . Until now, the OnePlus smartphone was only available in this color. But today, the version “soft gold” that the fans waited impatiently finally landed. It’s not too soon ! This color OnePlus 3T, updated with Android Nougat , will be offered with the 64 GB version of the smartphone, still sold from 439 €. If you are interested, we advise you to enjoy it, because the gold color will probably tear.

Since its launch a few weeks ago, the OnePlus 3T has met with tremendous success. We must for example to wait 11 days to deliver a OnePlus 3T 64GB, the 128 GB version being announced out of stock . The gold version marketed today is not a first for OnePlus, which had already launched its OnePlus 3 in a similar color. This will also allow the OnePlus 3T to continue on its good momentum, often being named as one of the best Android smartphones of 2016. Rather Gun Metal Gold Soft Gold for your OnePlus 3T?