OnePlus 3T: Last chance to shoot the “Midnight Black” edition!

Techno 13 April, 2017

The OnePlus 3T “Midnight Black” lives its last moments. According to OnePlus, the limited edition will soon be no longer available.
Until last month, the OnePlus 3T was only available in the colors Gunmetal and SoftGold. But things have changed when OnePlus unveiled a “colette edition” , marketed in the Paris concept store of the same name for its 20th anniversary. Faced with the success of this unusual color, the Chinese manufacturer had an idea … Propose a black version of his flagship, without the logo colette this time. This is how the OnePlus 3T “Midnight Black” was born, available since the end of last month on the site of OnePlus. But as announced by the brand concerned, this is a limited edition that will soon be no longer current .
The OnePlus 3T “Midnight Black” has been eyeing you since its release but you have not jumped yet? Well you’ll have to decide quickly, or give up the idea of ​​getting it. On Twitter, OnePlus France announced that the OnePlus 3T with the black hull would soon be removed from the market … “Enjoy it before it is too late,” read its followers. The countdown has begun ! If you want to order the OnePlus 3T “Midnight Black”, go to the OnePlus website, where the delivery time is estimated at 4 weeks … Unless you prefer to wait until the OnePlus 5 release, which could Have egg characteristics for less than $ 500 . Are you gonna let yourself be tempted?