OnePlus 3T: The 128 GB version is no longer available in France

Techno 25 May, 2017

End of life for the OnePlus 3T 128 GB? The Chinese smartphone is only available in a 64 GB version in France. He could nevertheless make his return … one day.
Bye-bye the 128 GB! Since the beginning of May, it is impossible to buy a OnePlus 3T large capacity on the site of the mark. It is not displayed as “out of stock” , its reference has simply been deleted. Only the 64GB model, less than 420 € at PriceMinister , is now in the catalog, available in “Gunmetal” and Gold. If the rumors first thought of an abandonment pure and simple, the brand is more reassuring. She told India Express that she “will continue to produce the OnePlus 3T 128GB Gunmetal in the future. ” . The company seems to have just adjusted its production chain, and preferred to focus on the 64 GB version of the smartphone for now.
The Chinese manufacturer has started teaser the OnePlus 5 in recent weeks, proof that the smartphone should not be delayed. A release date in June comes up regularly in the rumors. The trade mark, according to its own confession, needs to concentrate on “a single flagship” . The OnePlus 5 should be many new releases. The OnePlus 5 should rip in photo quality, autonomy or power . It should also be available in large capacity. In the meantime, if you’re looking for a OnePlus 3T 128GB, it’s better to turn to third-party resellers like Amazon who still has stock. Disappointed?