OnePlus 3T: Very limited stocks despite an improvement

Techno 25 January, 2017

The OnePlus 3T is a very popular smartphone. With stocks at the lowest, one must take his trouble in patience before receiving it.
During the announcement of the OnePlus 3T last November, its manufacturer had taken good resolutions for the year 2017. The firm is accustomed to make wait before its European and American customers before they can receive their smartphone. With the 3T, OnePlus had decided to put an end to this expectation. The phone must therefore be “immediately available” . In fact, the situation is quite different. The 128 GB version of the mobile is constantly advertised as being out of stock. It is not best for the color Gold OnePlus 3T recently presented , it is very difficult to obtain. Despite some timid improvements, the smartphone always makes its diva, 2 months after its release.
The quantities of OnePlus 3T are so limited that it becomes an event when it is in stock. Chinese brand proudly announced in effect that the mobile version of Gunmetal is “immediately available” right now. But it is the only variation of the smartphone to be. It is not even possible to order the Gold or 128 GB model. This availability is nevertheless good news for OnePlus. This proves the strong demand of the 3T. It should be said that with its Snapdragon 821, its 6 GB of RAM, and its mode of high-speed charging, the smartphone can seduce more than one. In the absence of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7, the causes of the explosion is known , the OnePlus 3T is the most powerful Android mobile on the market. Have you managed to get hold of a model?