OnePlus 5: The brand launches a contest to win the “Midnight Black” version!

Techno 4 July, 2017

OnePlus launches a contest to win its OnePlus 5. The goal of the game? Make a stylish unboxing of the dual smartphone photo sensor!

Last week, meltyStyle made you share the unboxing of the OnePlus 5 in a Lamborghini Aventador S 2017 launched at full speed. To celebrate the arrival of his flagship on the market, the brand wanted to unpack it in a special way. You found it stylish and it gave you ideas? Good news, you will soon be able to exploit them … OnePlus has just launched a contest inviting you to post your own unboxing of OnePlus 5, with a copy of the smartphone in its color “Midnight Black” to the key. You have until July 31 at 23:59 to participate, so you have time to do a really elaborate trick … provided you have a OnePlus 5 on hand.

To participate in the contest launched by OnePlus, you must make an unboxing video of the OnePlus 5, put it on Youtube with the hashtag # unboxthe5, and share it in the stride. The first two winners will get the most views, and the third will be the most creative judged by the jury. Rather cool, right? At meltyStyle, one is rather seduced by the principle of the game … Only flat, one must already be in possession of OnePlus 5 to be able to take part. Not logical when we know that it has just been marketed, and especially that the proposed reward is just the device. Failing to participate, (re) discovers the speed test separating OnePlus 5 and Honor 9.