OnePlus: A trip to Paris and a OnePlus 3T “colette edition” to win!

OnePlus has seen the big picture for the launch of its new smartphone. The brand organized a contest to save a trip to Paris and the OnePlus 3T “colette edition”.
A few hours ago, OnePlus unveiled the OnePlus 3T “colette edition”, a limited edition of its flagship designed in just 250 copies . The OnePlus 3T variant, all dressed in black and clothed with the logo of the concept store, is even more elegant than the one currently offered. It will go on sale Tuesday, March 21 at 11am at colette at the price of 479 euros, and is likely to tear. You dreams of getting it but you can not afford to go to Paris to buy it? So the contest launched by OnePlus France should interest you … The brand proposes to offer you your trip to the capital as well as the OnePlus 3T “colette edition” . Rather cool, right?
For the launch of the OnePlus 3T “colette edition”, the co-founder of OnePlus Carl Pei and the OnePlus team will travel to colette in Paris. Want to go with them and go with the smartphone? So try your luck without further delay! To hope to be drawn, you simply follow OnePlus France , retweet his post and fill out the mini form that goes with it. Nothing simpler … At meltyStyle, you cross your fingers for you to be selected! And if you are not, you can always fall back on the OnePlus 3T Soft Gold or Gunmetal, which remains one of the best smartphones on the market . So, are you going to participate?

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