OnePlus: Co-founder Carl Pei Minimizes Recent Problems in an Interview

Techno 18 July, 2017

The co-founder of OnePlus, Carl Pei returned to the recent problems encountered by his firm in an interview. Between the “Jelly Effect” of the OnePlus 5, the poor customer service without forgetting the resemblances with Oppo, there is something to say.

Carl Pei, co-founder of OnePlus, was reassured by the excellent sales of OnePlus 5 in India during the Amazon Prime Day. The smartphone has become the most sold in the history of the young firm born in 2013. But all this has not been done without problems. Passed from shadow to light, OnePlus has to face criticism now. A situation readily acknowledged by Carl Pei questioned by the Indian site Killer Features. In a long interview, the manager returns to the OnePlus 5 screen bug, the firm’s customer service criticisms and remarks about the similarities of OnePlus and Oppo smartphones.

Concerning the “Jelly Effect” of the OnePlus 5, Carl Pei confirms the inversion of display of the screen passing from the top to the bottom to the bottom towards the top. It follows the line fixed by the company, that is to say that the bug of the screen of the OnePlus 5 would be due to our eyes: “It is usual to see this display [from the top to The bottom], so our eyes are not ready yet “before adding that for OnePlus its screen is” a product choice and not really a problem. ” The co-founder points out the controversy over “those who do not have the smartphone”, they are “worried” by the bad returns. And especially videos on the net that show the “Jelly Effect”. According to him, filming a smartphone or computer screen shows “odd things”. “You get the impression that the screen flickers when it’s not, you see a rainbow effect when the smartphone does not actually produce it.” The way of filming exaggerates the Jelly Effect, Tries to explain Carl Pei.
Defective customer service and similarities with the Oppo R11
Two other thorny issues were raised in the interview. This is the case for customer service. Carl Pei acknowledges mistakes but also points out that a “customer having a bad experience with our services” will not be “glad” to see OnePlus touting his customer service in video. He explains that in North America, the clients of the firm feel that OnePlus is below normal in this area. However, it ensures that the company looks without improving. The other file is the Oppo R11 to which the OnePlus 5 looks very similar. “We are linked to Oppo, we share the same investors, but Oppo and OnePlus work differently,” says Pei. “We share production chains, we also work together.” “There’s no conspiracy theory.” “I worked with Oppo before.” Noting that he still has friends down with the other co-founder of OnePlus, Pete Lau, Carl Pei extinguishes any controversy. The complete interview to find here by the also of the difference of treatment of the press between the Samsung Galaxy S8 and the OnePlus 5 but also the successes of the company.