OnePlus gives you the opportunity to test your OnePlus 5

Techno 1 June, 2017

While the release of the OnePlus 5 would be scheduled for mid-June, the Chinese manufacturer offers users to test its new smartphone. The details.
The Samsung Galaxy S8, the LG G6, the HTC U11, the Huawei P10, the BlackBerry KEYONE … But we are still waiting for the release of the famous OnePlus 5. This Last one should see the day mid-June, from a poster that leaked yesterday . But the Chinese manufacturer did not wait for the presentation of its flaghsip to offer it in test to Internet users . And meltyStyle tells you how to take in hand one of the most anticipated devices of this second semester.
If you want to test the highly anticipated OnePlus 5, you have to register here. To do this, you need to follow the @oneplustech account on Instagram before completing the form. You will also have to send, from your Instagram account, 3 photos that have been taken with a smartphone. Then, the developers of OnePlus will select the 10 people who will have the opportunity to test the OnePlus 5. In the meantime, you can always choose the packaging of the future OnePlus 5 and that is already not bad.