OnePlus: Hydrogen OS 3.0, equivalent of Android Nougat, landed in China

Techno 20 February, 2017

OnePlus releases the new version 3.0 of its OS Hydrogen. The owners of OnePlus 3 and 3T in China will benefit from a little more stability.
OnePlus works on several projects and continues on its good dynamics. After releasing the 128 GB version of the OnePlus 3T , the Chinese firm based in the USA pays special attention to its mother earth. On the side of the Middle Empire, the owners of OnePlus 3 and 3T benefit from a home OS largely inspired by the mobile operating system of Google, Android. Named Hydrogen, it is the equivalent of Oxygen with us also carried by OnePlus and whose latest version 4.0 dates from December 31, 2016. For a few hours, Hydrogen 3.0 is now available in China.
Hydrogen 3.0 arrives with new stability parameters. The OS fixes problems with audio playback when users plug in their headphones. Other bugs are also corrected like the positioning of the weather or the suppression of customized ringtones. According to Tech2 , OnePlus would have the idea to merge Hydrogen and Oxygen in the near future. But, nothing has filtered yet. The future could be on the side of the OnePlus 5, an attractive concept has emerged .