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Entertainment, Techno 12 July, 2017


The new has just fallen, it is the writer Christine Angot, who will sit out the next season at the side of Yann Moix in It is not lying ; show that she was threatening to boycott the last year.

His last appearance on television back in the month of march last and it is little to say that it remained in the memories. For cause, then as a guest of The Emission Policy on France 2, Christine Angot had offered the sequence tv the most significant of the presidential campaign, blaming it, not without a certain vehemence, François Fillon not be withdrawn from the race to the Elysée.


The string public as the novelist and playwright, 58-year-old will recover from the month of September for the twelfth season of’It isn’t lying because it is she who has just been chosen to succeed Vanessa Burggraf ; the journalist who returns to France 24 to be assistant to the director of the information chain. Christine Angot, back in the media space in 1999, following the publication of his book, The Incest – long reminiscence of a incestuous relationship with her father – goes and sit at the side of Yann Moix, who piles up again for the third year in a row.


Customary feats, the writer has, on two occasions, already left to speak in his temperament, and his talk raw, on the plateau of ONPC. Coming defend in 2014 his latest book titled The small crowd, she was indeed écharpée with Natacha Polony that was not seen in literature in his lines ; then, a year later, the one that told with the force of the intimate details in 2008, in The Market of the lovers, his relationship with Doc Gyneco, had threatened to boycott the show after learning that Michel Houellebecq was the surprise guest.


To note that the writer is not the only rookie on the next season of ONPC ; Gaspard Proust will join in fact the talk-show here at the end of September to propose a sequence humorous. A year away from the scare as he has already done on the set of Hi Earthlings ! from 2012 to 2015.


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