Ontario: a pile on the 401 makes one dead and causes a spill

An accident involving at least 30 vehicles on Highway 401, east of Toronto, caused a leak of chemicals on Tuesday, prompting the authorities to evacuate the area. One person died after being transported to the hospital.

Twenty-eight others were escorted to the hospital after collisions near 1400 hours near Lansdowne, Ontario, while weather conditions were challenging. The Ontario Provincial Police indicated that the pile-up involved cars and about a dozen trucks, including heavy goods vehicles.

People in need of health care were transported to hospital centers in Kingston and Brockville.

Constable Sandra Barr of the Ontario Provincial Police said one of the trucks had dumped a “toxic substance.” The substance was identified as fluorosilicic acid. The evacuation was only ordered for people who were on the highway and not for nearby residences.

Thirteen first respondents conducted decontamination operations and were kept under observation.

Highway 401 was closed in both directions near the accident site.

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