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One of the best friends of Prince Harry has revealed to the Daily Star that he plans very soon to his knees in front of Meghan Markle.

2012 in Afghanistan, Kirstie Ennis was the victim of a terrible crash of a helicopter. An accident in which this young american navy, now aged 25, has been close to death. A drama that will leave them disabled for life. Indeed, three years after this mission on the afghan soil, the doctors are categorical ; although they have been accomplished 39 times, his left leg could not be saved.


But it’s not done immediately to amputate. Because before irreversible it has set a goal : to lead a group of six former soldiers wounded in the mission all the way to Kensington Palace to pay homage to soldiers injured in service, and by the same to raise funds. What it will do at the end of a walk of 72 days and 1600 kilometers. An obstacle course at the end of which Harry will be waiting for him ; the prince having served ten years in the british army during which time he carried out two missions in Afghanistan.


Will follow a time of strong emotions after she had tended to the prince the plate of one of his friends had been killed in combat, corporal TJ Baune. “I can’t, I can’t accept ” bafouillera Harry, but Kirstie hadn’t made the journey for nothing. “Please, you know what it is, for me, I want you to have it “, will insist she getting successful. The picture of their hug will do the trick in the world.


Two years have passed since this meeting between these two traumatised war, and the friendship is still there. To the point that prince Harry calls his “heroin ” is now a part of the confidentes of the youngest son of prince Charles and Lady Diana. A statute which gave the Daily Star to go question the young woman. This last little accustomed to the exercise of discretion, has confirmed that she will be present at the wedding of his friend with Meghan Markle, explaining then do not ” worry about for the wedding ” but for ” the evening after.


Conscious of having a little too much is said, it then immediately closes the topic with a ” no comment ” eminently eloquent. A new royal wedding is expected very soon on the side of Kensington Palace ; the Daily Star, adding that sources close to the royal family believe that Harry should make his proposal of marriage before his 33rd birthday, the 15th September next.

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