Operation Red Nose: more than 400 rides

News 5 December, 2016

operation-nez-rouge(Trois-Rivieres) The volunteers of Operation Red Nose were very active this weekend in the area, making no fewer than 411 rides. The different plants in the region, however, are always looking for volunteers to meet the high demand.

In Trois-Rivières, the volunteers experienced a weekend to the least busy, realizing 253 rides during three evenings of activities.

Shawinigan side, 98 people have requested an escort service on Friday and Saturday, while volunteers from the Central Mékinac allowed 28 persons to return home safely.

On the south shore of the St. Lawrence River, the Central Nicolet-Bécancour received 32 requests Friday and Saturday.

Operation Red Nose is actively looking for volunteers for all of its plants, while next weekend ahead busy.

To volunteer, you must visit the website of red New Operation operationnezrouge.com and click on the icon “volunteers” and then choose its region.

Recall that Operation Red Nose continues its mission until the end of the month. It is possible to request a ride home by calling 1-866-DESJARDINS (1-866-337-5273) or by visiting the smartphone application.