Opposed to the iPhone 7 in a speed test, the Samsung Galaxy A3 2017 is doing very well!

Techno 26 May, 2017

What is the Samsung Galaxy A3 (2017) worth against the iPhone 7? Which smartphone is the fastest? Discover it in this speed test!
Apple has convinced you to abandon your Galaxy A3 (2017) to switch to the iPhone 7 ? You still hesitate? If you still do not know which smartphone to offer you, meltyStyle offers you today a comparative video that should help you to decide. This is a speed test that comes to us from Tech Trinkets , a British youtubeur who used to test and compare products. In this test of speed, the headed smartphone seems to have the advantage when it comes to running games and web browsing. But finally, Samsung does not do too badly. The iPhone 7 has for instance already difficult to start: negative. The Galaxy A3, it is well calibrated and it keeps the rhythm!
Startup speed, apps and games loading, live memory, calibration, brightness and contrast … Everything is sifted in less than ten minutes. With both hands, Tech Trinkets handles both smartphones to compare their performance simultaneously. And on several points, the Galaxy A3 (2017) seems to equal or even catch up with the powerful smartphone Apple! Finally, as Tech Trinkets tries to prove it in this video, the Samsung Galaxy A3 version 2017 is not such a bad model against the iPhone 7. It could even be a good compromise, especially when we know that the south -coreen has regained its leading position in the market and that the Galaxy A3 2017 costs half the price of the smartphone headed. Team Apple or Samsung?