Other ex-employees testify against him

News 21 October, 2017
  • Archival Photo Chantal Poirier
    Other acts of sexual misconduct have been alleged against Michel Burned on Friday.

    Hugo Duchaine and
    Benoît Philie

    Friday, 20 October 2017 21:57

    Friday, 20 October 2017 22:18

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    Disgusted to see Michel Burned to deny the allegations against him, other ex-employees of the publisher and candidate for mayor of the Plateau-Mont-Royal, accused him of acts of sexual misconduct.

    “I went in the cabinet of office supplies to search for a pencil and I stumbled on pictures of him scattered on the shelves […] naked with women making him a blowjob. It was inappropriate to have it on the workplace, ” says Anne Mill, who has worked for him for a few months, 10 years ago.

    On Friday morning, The Newspaper reported the comments of seven ex-employees, victims of harassment, and three persons witnesses of gestures and inappropriate comments.

    Yannick Lacoste, a former editor in France who has worked with Michel Burned in the early 2000s, said to have been a witness of his disrespectful behaviour towards women.

    “I’ve seen him in his publishing company fired all the editors who were there. The reason that he mentioned was that they were complicated and did stories when he had certain behaviors, ” he says. “He just kept a and he told me that this was for two reasons : it has large balls, and when I make remarks about it, she said nothing,” says the 48-year old man.

    Two other ex-employees have also agreed to share their experience with the publisher under the guise of anonymity.

    “Almost every day, he told me that I had big boobs,” says a woman, who has worked with him in Quebec city there are about four years old.

    She said that she had a beautiful and tell him to stop these comments, the editor ” was it funny, it was that normal “.

    A woman, who was in his mid-twenties, 10 years ago, when she created two contracts for Michel Burned, recalls having been ” pressed against the wall in the corridor “, while he embraced her by force.

    It was then his home, but for professional reasons.

    Then, after having agreed to go to dinner with him by putting it clear that it was friends only, she says that it has ” touched the breasts on the rue Saint-Denis “.


    Michel Brûlé has threatened Friday to sue The Newspaper for libel. It is also said to be the victim of a coup mounted by his political opponents.

    Projet Montréal has refused to comment on the statements advanced by Mr. Burned.

    Sara-Emmanuelle Duchesne, who denounced yesterday publicly to the harassment of Michel Brûlé, says, there be an activist of any political party.

    “I made this denunciation as a woman […] because it’s got to stop,” she said.