Ottawa defends itself after the anger of the travellers

News 10 September, 2017
  • AFP

    Antoine Lacroix

    Saturday, 9 September, 2017 23:49

    Saturday, 9 September, 2017 23:49

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    Nationals of Canada, prisoners in countries affected by the hurricane Irma will have to wait until after the passing of his little brother Jose before being rescued.

    Many Canadians are angry and wonder why Ottawa has not put on the foot of the rescue operations before the second hurricane breaks.

    “We have nationals in danger in Saint-Martin and we will not go looking for them. I would like to understand why “, criticised in The Newspaper, on Saturday, Olivier Dionne, who hopes to repatriate her sister Melissa Friedmann and his spouse Cyril and their two girls of 4 and 10 years.

    “The airline has nice wanting with all his heart to repatriate, there is no airport,” said Félix Brabant in an interview with TVA News, which has asked the canadian government to intervene to save his brother Antoine and his wife Genevieve.

    “It takes the intervention of the government, maybe the military “, he wished.

    “The information that we had is that this was not possible given the damage to infrastructure and that it was not safe to do so “, explained Stefanie McCollum, director of emergency response, stating that the damage suffered by the airport are important.


    The canadian authorities have said rely on the different airlines to organize flights in order to repatriate the Canadian-in-waiting. Saturday, 265 Canadians had asked for government assistance, but the number continues to increase.

    These must, however, obtain the confirmation of the airports and airstrips are safe and that they will get the clearance to land.

    “We are in constant discussion with companies that are able to arrange flights for people stranded by the hurricane. It is expected confirmations of authorities and airports, ” says Ms. McCollum.

    “Obviously, there are difficulties at the level of the evacuation, there are airports that are in trouble, we are in the process of monitoring it. We are in the process of the help to the extent that we can, and we want to ensure everyone that we are here, ” said his side Friday the prime minister Justin Trudeau.

    Up to now, it has not reported any deaths of a canadian national.