Ottawa: it holds up a shotgun on two people

News 13 March, 2018
  • Andrew Meade/ Ottawa Sun/ QMI Agency

    QMI agency

    Tuesday, 13 march 2018 03:29

    Tuesday, 13 march 2018 03:29

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    OTTAWA – A 23 year old male was arrested after he pointed a hunting rifle on two people, said the Ottawa police Service, on Monday.

    Nicholas Lalonde, appeared Saturday in court. He has been charged with careless use of a firearm, to have pointed a firearm, obstructing a peace officer and breach of his conditions of probation.

    Last Friday, at around 22: 50, the suspect was on the terrace of a hotel on Montreal road when he turned a shotgun on two people.

    He left the scene before the police arrived, they were finally found shortly after. According to the authorities, he was drunk at the time of the facts.