Outrage under the sun

News 15 July, 2017
  • Claude Villeneuve

    Saturday, 15 July, 2017 05:00

    Saturday, 15 July, 2017 05:00

    Look at this article

    A stranger that would be interesting for Quebecers from the social networks would be that we are, this summer, a people very angry.

    It goes from the tragic to the trivial. The government has given too much money to a terrorist for some. Our society lacks empathy for a child soldier to the other.

    There’s also Celine Dion, this ungrateful that we liked was that it did we ever surprised. It makes us the affront to dress like that he sings, you imagine so.

    The people who, many, lament the lack of well-being that would fill currently the existence of our Céliiiiiiine do not realize that they are a demonstration of the vacuum which occupies the their.

    Throughout our over

    And it continues throughout our newsfeed. Here you are not only one of the sisters Boulay critical of the men who were poorly treated. It is taking on the boys club or the féminisssssss (pronounced with the tongue out, for most of perfidy).

    Still talk of them, these bougresses that heinous to want to be treated equally to men. We do not realize that you are defending openly a differentiated treatment for women by demanding that they hide their breasts at the Village Vacances Valcartier.

    Few people realize that the teenagers in heat that émouvront represent more the problem that those who want to sunbathe without demarcation.

    A season so short

    In the middle of summer, this season that lasts for two weeks according to some, it is what we judge useful to express. What shocks us, that it has an impact in our life or not.

    The proponents of the fallacy of the false dilemma, for example those who say that we should compensate the innocent people before Omar Khadr, is moved, very little of the fate of families thrown to the street, on the 1st of July last ; some because of the color of their skin or their religion.

    It happens every year. Why is it a surprise again ?

    But it’s good. Rather than getting angry, to really change our lives or, failing that, to take advantage of the summer to see the country, we are going to the keyboard to be offended that women are willing to show their nipples, they too.

    A happy people

    It is necessary to admit that among these controversies, the Khadr matter touches real issues of our life in society. The fact that it appeared in the vacuum of news from July is pouring the salt of our sweat summer in the wound.

    In the month of September, it is not surprising perhaps that this will have been the biggest news of the summer. This represents an improvement compared to 2013, which has left us with the terrible burning of the tragedy train in Lac-Mégantic.

    All in all, we prefer the controversies of this summer. Perhaps it is this that proves that we are a happy people. A community that is unworthy of the linen, its greatest feature is without doubt everything it needs to live.

    Unless it shows exactly the opposite.