Over 300 vehicles will be modified in view of the G7 summit

News 24 March, 2018
  • Pierre-Antoine Gosselin

    Saturday, 24 march, 2018 18:57

    Saturday, 24 march, 2018 18:57

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    QUÉBEC | The royal Canadian mounted police (RCMP) has appealed to the enterprise 911 Pro Longueuil to change the fleet of vehicles that it acquired in anticipation of the G7 summit, which will take place in Charlevoix in June. It is primarily the Chevrolet Suburban.

    The company, which has, amongst other gear on the street in Québec city, is currently recruiting students in auto mechanics from Centre de formation professionnelle Wilbrod-Bherer for the assembly of approximately 316 vehicles.

    “It does not surprise me,” commented Mario Berniquez, analyst in police interventions. There has been an analysis of the terrain for the mobilization of the people, the transport of prisoners there, one of the dignitaries. If there has been a 316 vehicles targeted, is that they have found a need attached to it all,” he added in an interview with TVA News.

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    On the side of 911 Pro, no one wanted to comment on the Saturday. “I refuse to confirm or deny this information,” said president James Dixon. These are confidential data. We have a contract with the RCMP and do not want to lose it.”

    Therefore, it is difficult to know in concrete terms what will be added to these vehicles to make them safer.

    Olive Trudelle, a young mechanical engineer, of Quebec, has an opinion specific to the question. “According to me, the windows, the windshield, the windows side, those at the back, they will be shielded,” explained the one who has several years of experience.

    “Inside, the door panels, the floors, the ceilings, we can add steel sheets. A telecommunications system, lights,” he continued.

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    Twenty more students will be asked to make changes to these vehicles. The project begins April 2 and ends on may 18, just in time for the holding of the G7 summit, which will take place on 8 and 9 June at the Fairmont Le Manoir Richelieu, in La Malbaie.

    “It’s really going to be a lot of hours working on this project. It is necessary to situate the material and, after all, it remains unmarked vehicles, that is to say it does not as it sounds,” said the mechanic.

    Students will be required to take a training course next week. Meanwhile, the RCMP must comb through the profile and background of each candidate.