Overwatch: PS4 Pro 4K vs 1080p PS4, graphic comparison!

Techno 17 November, 2016

overwatch-blizzardWhat are the differences visual has you it between an Overwatch version running in 4K on PS4 Pro and the other in 1080p on a classic PS4? Answer in this video comparison.
There is just one week, Sony launched on the market its new home console: the PS4 Pro . It is as of November 10 that the gaming sphere was able to acquire this model twice as powerful as conventional PS4. Surboostée a machine priced at € 399, with an exceptional image quality thanks to support for 4K Ultra HD . Hence, many games have been patched so that the visual is at the height of the console can display on the screen. This is the case of a Call of Duty Warfare Infinite, which here is an overview of the game on PS4 Pro , but also to Overwatch.

Indeed, the FPS studios Blizzard has been a recent update following the launch of the PS4 Pro. An update which now allows it to display in 4K . What wonder if the chart gap between a Overwatch running this display format on PS4 Pro and the other in 1080p on PS4 is consistent or not. This is what we demonstrate our colleagues in Arekkz Gaming through a comparative video putting side by side the two versions of the game . Which one wins? It is very difficult to strike out which is the best even if it necessarily looks toward the PS4 Pro. But the gap is still very small, it must be admitted! Now everyone is free to make its own opinion on the subject. And remember in passing that a big free weekend is approaching on Overwatch expensive meltynautes! You see big differences between these two versions of the game?